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Media Transfer Services
The three steps to media

Your Media

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Your Digital Copy

You can supply any of the following media types:

Cine film - 8mm, 9.5mm, 16mm.

Video tape - VHS, VHS-C, Betamax.

Camcorder - 8mm, miniDV, DVCAM.

Vinyl - L.P., E.P., 45s and 78s.

Cassette & Reel to Reel Audio Tape.

Photos, Slides & Negatives.

Dependent upon the level of service you request you may also be asked to supply text for titles and music playlists for inclusion on soundtrack.

Your music playlists can be supplied to us on CD or as a list of preferences.

Your DVD is supplied in a quality DVD case and CDs are delivered in standard jewel cases.

All discs can have full face printed photographs, images and text of your choosing.

We deliver on DVD-R and CD-R 'watershield' discs.

You may wish to order additional copies and this can be done with order or within 12 months of order completion.

We would always contact you before removing our archive copy of your film or music.

The price charged for additional copies is governed by the material costs at the time of order.

We capture and digitise your media.

The editing process will depend on both the level of service you have chosen and the quality of your original media.

It can be as simple as dividing the film into scenes and chapters with appropriate transitions or it may include the removal of unwanted footage and some repair work (for example, colour restoration, stabilise camera shake, audio improvements).

Your film may include chapters, transitions, titles, credits, music soundtrack and menus.

CDs created from vinyl or tape will include track listing.

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Our transfer services can be tailored to your needs and if you have a medium not listed above please do contact us to discuss your requirements.








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